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French Pro-Soccer Star Jessy Moulin Nude Pics Leak…


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moulin03Maybe it’s just me, but he looks just a bit like Adam Russo.

What with the leaked pictures of Price Andrew taking a leak, Prince Harry dancing naked, leaked pictures of George Burgess showing the goods on Twitter and the Naked Rugby players showing off, we’re getting dangerously close to becoming more of a Naked Celebrity Repository.

Hey, I’m not complaining. At all.

Seeing naked sports stars, even when it’s these blurry, locker room news video screen caps and cell phone selfies.

Today we’ve got Jessy Moulin, French soccer star.

He’s minding his own business and changing in the locker room when the camera catches his rather impressive dick swinging in the breeze.

OR, I guess, it’s not breeze so much as a room full of that thick, humid manfunk that men’s locker rooms smell like.

Ah… manfunk.

Check out more over at Ruggerbugger where they always seem to manage to get the pictures of the naked sports stars.


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