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Grindr The Musical


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Ok so it’s not a real thing but probably should be.

Ages ago I did a video about how Grindr and other hookup apps were good for finding the closest dick, but weren’t any good if you were actually looking for a boyfriend.

Looks like I’m not the only one who thinks so…

And in case you forget…



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Well, this is disturbing…


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The Group Home Orgy


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It’s been a while – but I finally got a chance to sit down and watch part 3 of GROUP HOME from MEN.Com. I must say, this is one of the hottest orgy scenes I’ve seen in a while. The description from MEN.Com read: “All the misfit boys decide to wake Zach up with the pleasant surprise of their hard dicks primed and ready to go. Zach takes turns salivating over each delicious cock. He then mounts Jack Hunter while Vadim Black plugs Will Braun’s eager hole. The guys take turns pounding each other until an explosive cumclusion over Zach’s willing face.”

Well – they nailed it with describing the ending. It was hot to watch as each guy busted his nut all over Zach. Watching Vadim fuck Will is also quite enjoyable, especially when he asks if anyone else wants some of this ass. Ah, to be a cock hungry boy in a group home.

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This is the kind of day it was…


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this was my day… – powered by ManCast

Shooting this week out in Palm Springs. Not too hot so we’re able to shoot outside without our stars getting too worn out from the heat. This also unfortunately gives us the challenge of being totally done with shooting by about 2:30 in the afternoon before the sun goes down behind the giant San Jacinto mountain which we jokingly refer to as “Mount St. Palm Springs.”

It also means we have to get a bit creative with how we hang/erect our sun scrim to keep too much direct sunlight off the guys.  Anyway.. here’s day one from the shoot… with Matthew Bosch and Jack Vidre.

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Let’s Do The Time Warp Again…


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Its been a while since FOX released “The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again.” And I’ve had the time to sit and watch it. Now, I’ve had some minor bumps in life recently, and I wanted to go into watching this with no preconceived notions. It was a “turn off the brain and just enjoy it” moment. Well, disappointment hit early on in the movie. But I kept watching.  There were some things I actually liked, and most I didn’t… it just didn’t compare to the original. Once someone told me that it was a tribute, it was a little less disappointing.

I must say – growing up watching Tim Curry as Frank-N-Furter, Laverne Cox had some pretty big shoes to fill, and well I think she did an AMAZING job. The only thing I didn’t like about her entrance is this terrible boom crane thing… but her costume was pretty bad ass.

20161106_223229 20161106_223307 rocky-horror-picture-show-2016 So one of the other good things I discovered was this blue mohawked ginger – I found him strangely hot and wanted to see more more more…

rockyhorror0049 Now for Rocky… Starockyz Nair was a great choice… but the gold lame board shorts… that’s not Rocky. Peter Hinwood had set the bar on that one. But Staz was most definitely a great choice to play the creation.

20161106_223844The costumes for Riff Raff and Magenta at the end, I did enjoy these more than the original costumes… again, the costumes for the tribute were great and brought the film into a new era.rocky-horror-picture-showd42c21b522d90fd1cfe550f7b00da2f5

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Gay Comic Geek reviews Star Trek and The Flash


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If you haven’t seen them already – you need to catch his reviews. The Gay Comic Geek reviews a ton of stuff – but here are his reviews on both Star Trek and The Flash from Men.Com 82

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James And Adam – 2 Gods breaking in the new kitchen


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Damn – Lucas Entertainment scored big with these two. Adam is definitely one guy I would let have his way with me – right amount of muscle, hair and of course – the tattoos. Paired with James, and I want to be right in the middle!

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The Hairy Tales of Men.Com


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When I first saw this set come up, I had my reservations. But, since Men.Com is pushing a lot of parodies, I had to see what their take on the good ol’ fairy tale was like. Thus, the “Hairy Tale.”

So the first part was their take on Little Red Riding Hood – “Red Rides.” With Luke Adams playing Red, and Kurtis Wolfe as, well… the Wolf. It was a great scene. Luke, not as muscular as Kurtis, but is and will always be hot as hell! And he takes Wolfe’s cock like a champ.

The Second story is “Worship Me.” This one wasn’t my favorite as far as story goes, but lets be real. Who watches porn for a story? Here you have Wesley Woods and Will Braun tailoring an outfit for Arad Winwin. Even though it wasn’t my favorite out of the three, I couldn’t keep myself from getting hard. Again, watching Arad fuck both Will and Wesley is pretty damn hot, and that’s what we’re watching for… big dicks in tight asses.

Now, I must say that the third part was by far my favorite. Colton Grey wanders into the home of, yep… you guessed it, the three bears – Dirk Caber, Marc Giacomo and Derek Bolt. Aside from having a HUGE crush on Dirk Caber, the scene got me hard, instantly.

Although I don’t think it was officially billed as a parody, I must say kudos to Men.Com for coming up with their twist on the fairy tale.

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Naked Body Painting Rorschach Ink Blots.


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Brent Ray Fraser paints himself naked, rolls his boy up against a white wall and paints images that look rather amazing. The full video is 30 minutes long and I have to admit I found it hard to look away. A rather stunning video. I almost forgot how hot it was…

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