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Revisiting an old Favorite


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I know, Men.com always has new stuff coming out. There’s plenty of materiel out there to cover, but I thought it was time to revisit a favorite. I went searching thru the archives and decided to look back at the work of Colby Jansen. I ran across FUCKING MYSELF. Not only does it star Colby, but Deviant Otter plays a younger version of Colby. Both men are super hot, so it was nice to re-watch. Needless to say, I got hard fast, and well finishing was quite easy.

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The Men of Disney


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I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a fan of the Disney Animated Features. Yeah, kids love them, but as an adult there’s a different connection. When I get a little down, it never hurts to pop one in and just sit and relax. Tonight was one of those nights. I was trying to figure out which one to watch, and as I left the gym there was a sign… Lilo and Stitch. Now in the past, I’ve never really paid too much attention to the characters, or at least in means of attractiveness. But then I ran across the art of David Kawena. Now this guy is talented, and well has drawn some of the men of Disney in a whole new light. After seeing his art, and then revisiting the movies, damn… I’ll never look at David the same way when I watch Lilo and Stitch. Flynn Ryder from Tangled is another one of those Disney men that will never be the same. You should check out his work at deviant art.

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The Huntsman


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Nothing like a good trip to the woods for some fun – In Part 1, Skyy Knox is out in the wild hunting for some fresh meat. Dustin Holloway, hungry for some meat, is eager to return with Skyy to his tent. It may not be the game he was hunting for, but Skyy’s cock will satisfy him nonetheless. The men take turns sucking cock until Skyy is primed to plunge into Dustin’s eager pink hole. In Part 2, Marco Gagnon stumbles upon Skyy Knox’s cabin while lost out in the freezing wilderness. Skyy knows just how to warm him up—starting with a blow and a rim job before moving onto the main event. Marco’s huge dick fits snugly within Skyy’s tight hole, warming both men with feverish pleasure

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Made You Look


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Prepare for a jizz orgy with a healthy helping of delicious man meat. These hunks know how to get what they want and fill each other with dirty lustful pleasure. A steamy, sexy orgy featuring Paddy O’Brian, Dato Foland, Hector De Silva and Johan Kane – Watch Part 4 of Made you Look

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Short Stories About Taking it up the Butt


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Yes, it’s been a while – but I’ve discovered some interesting reading. I have this thing for Chris Hardwick – to me, he’s hilarious. I was introduced to one of his shows, @Midnight – I usually can’t stop laughing. Since the full time job has me in all sorts of weird hours, it’s a staple on the DVR. Anyway, there was one episode where he mentioned this guy, Chuck Tingle, who wrote these odd gay fantasy novels. More like short stories. Anyway, I can’t remember exactly what the context was on the show, but for those of you who haven’t watched, they basically search the interwebs for all sorts of weird, fun, political, strange shit… it varies… and there are three comedians that buzz in and add some sort of whatever to the topic. One show staple is the Hashtag wars… pure gold!

Anyway, back to Chuck. Like I mentioned before, I don’t remember the exact context, but the books were brought up, and somehow this resulted in Chris Hardwick being the subject of one of these Gay Fantasy short stories.

Jump forward to the end of November. I’m getting ready to fly to Chicago for a convention, and was searching for some reading materiel for the kindle. Curiosity totally got the best of me and I was searching Amazon for this book – I found it! And it was only like 2.99 to purchase… I figured, what the hell and bought it. Now on the plane ride, I’m reading this short. And I do mean short… But basically, Chris Hardwick is doing some filming for @midnight, and somehow time freezes, and Chris is taken to the roof of the studio by this “materialization” of his show and takes it up the butt.

Now I’m not sure if I would consider myself a Tignle fan, but I did read one more of his stories – again, it resulted in someone taking some sort of object up the butt. But The Names of these stories are hilarious – With Titles like “Professor T-Rex Teaches Me Gayness” or “Glazed by the Living Donut” They are bound to get a chuckle. Who wouldn’t want to read about Space Raptors fucking Astronauts?


Unicorn Football Squad

Hard for Hardwick

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