So What Do We All Think Of This Music Video From “One Erection?”


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Cocky BoysFunnyMusicVideo

This is the new “secretly leaked” music video from Cocky Boys’ boy band porn movie which kinda calls back to “Du Jour” from the late 90s Josie And The Pussycats movie.

Clearly, Chi Chi and Jake are having some fun and bringing a few mega-stars along for the ride.

The song is actually pretty good. The video is clearly kinda silly but it’s obvious they’re just having some fun with it all. Notable is the cameo by Colby Keller (which I assume was shot before his coming out to advocate for Donald Trump, most likely ending his porn career).

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Cocky Boys.




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Lady Gaga releases a new song “Perfect Illusion.”


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No name for the album as of yet, but Lady Gaga has finally dropped a new single from it.

A much more raw-sounding rock track than anything from her previous albums, Perfect Illusion is shows us what producer Mark Ronson meant when he said this album would be “more analog” than before.

Last week Lady Gaga tweeted out what we believe is a still from the already-shot video for this track… we should have the new album in our hands by Thanksgiving.


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GLBT cover of Katy Perry’s Rise


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This rather stunning cover of the Katy Perry Olympic theme is… dare we say… better than the actual original.

Featuring Superfruit, Mary Lambert, Mario Jose and America’s Got Talent contestant Brian Justin Crum.


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Trump’s An Asshole


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Not like it’s not something we didn’t already know, but it’s funny hearing Denis Leary rewrite the lyrics to his 90s hit “Asshole” and oddly hot seeing Denis and Jame Corden make out (even if James in is disturbing Hillary drag).


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Gay Porn Star Car Karaoke Telephone


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After an exhausting week of shooting our new movie, we had some fun in the car on the way to the gym. We work hard, we play hard.

Or, I guess in this case, we lip sync to Lady Gaga songs.

in the car were Jason Vario, Jesse Jackman, Alex Graham and your old buddy Jasun.


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