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Revisiting an Old Favorite


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The past few months have been a bit on the rough side for me. Sitting at home, feeling miserable and depressed, I decided to go digging thru the small collection of dvds that I have acquired over the years. I pulled out an old favorite, Heaven to Hell, from Falcon Studios. This was the movie that introduced me to Dean Monroe and Brad Patton – good Lord, was I hard! Brad’s nice thick cock – and well, Dean is just flat out hot!

Dean is one of the guys that I do follow on Instagram. It was perfect timing – Shortly after I finished enjoying Heaven to Hell – I was scrolling thru the good ol’ Instagram feed – and what do I see? Dean had posted a pic, and he captioned it “Believe in reincarnation? He is back!…” now I got excited – seeing that Falcon was coming out with a sequel to Heaven to Hell – SIGN ME UP!! I can’t wait to see this one as well. Looks like the only one to get brought back from the first, is Dean, but the rest of the cast is Hot as hell! It’s bound to be an amazing movie. Check out the trailers  – – and you can check out the original over at 7394_1 H2H2 Heaven_to_Hell02 untitled 6959_1.

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Short Stories About Taking it up the Butt


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Yes, it’s been a while – but I’ve discovered some interesting reading. I have this thing for Chris Hardwick – to me, he’s hilarious. I was introduced to one of his shows, @Midnight – I usually can’t stop laughing. Since the full time job has me in all sorts of weird hours, it’s a staple on the DVR. Anyway, there was one episode where he mentioned this guy, Chuck Tingle, who wrote these odd gay fantasy novels. More like short stories. Anyway, I can’t remember exactly what the context was on the show, but for those of you who haven’t watched, they basically search the interwebs for all sorts of weird, fun, political, strange shit… it varies… and there are three comedians that buzz in and add some sort of whatever to the topic. One show staple is the Hashtag wars… pure gold!

Anyway, back to Chuck. Like I mentioned before, I don’t remember the exact context, but the books were brought up, and somehow this resulted in Chris Hardwick being the subject of one of these Gay Fantasy short stories.

Jump forward to the end of November. I’m getting ready to fly to Chicago for a convention, and was searching for some reading materiel for the kindle. Curiosity totally got the best of me and I was searching Amazon for this book – I found it! And it was only like 2.99 to purchase… I figured, what the hell and bought it. Now on the plane ride, I’m reading this short. And I do mean short… But basically, Chris Hardwick is doing some filming for @midnight, and somehow time freezes, and Chris is taken to the roof of the studio by this “materialization” of his show and takes it up the butt.

Now I’m not sure if I would consider myself a Tignle fan, but I did read one more of his stories – again, it resulted in someone taking some sort of object up the butt. But The Names of these stories are hilarious – With Titles like “Professor T-Rex Teaches Me Gayness” or “Glazed by the Living Donut” They are bound to get a chuckle. Who wouldn’t want to read about Space Raptors fucking Astronauts?


Unicorn Football Squad

Hard for Hardwick

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I sat down and watched the first two parts to Ex-Machina: A Gay XXX parody from MEN.COM – Pretty Hot… I’ve always had a thing for Jessy Ares, so that was a bonus! In the second part, I started to be realistic, and started to wonder – machines having sex? sweaty, hot, sex… there is no way that this could be good… then I smacked myself and said, “Paddy O’Brian… Fucking and shooting his load… WHO CARES! It’s Hot.” 19 10 3 23

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Gay Comic Geek reviews Star Trek and The Flash


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If you haven’t seen them already – you need to catch his reviews. The Gay Comic Geek reviews a ton of stuff – but here are his reviews on both Star Trek and The Flash from Men.Com 82

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Gay Comic Geek reviews BluePrint


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Making “Package.”


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A fast flashback to last January. The days are shorter in Palm Springs thanks to that gigantic mountain to the west that blocks out direct sunlight after about 3:40 in the afternoon. It’s still hot day, but we’re kinda racing against the clock.

We’d assembled a small cast to shoot a short 3-scene movie about a UPS delivery guy who meets porn star Hunter Marx (played by Hunter Marx) and then goes home to tell his policeman husband about it (played by Dirk Caber).

We got to play around with the drone a bit more, we played with indoor and outdoor lighting, but mostly we just had some fun shooting porn in the hot desert sun.

Watch the full movie here.

MAN, Matthew’s dick is big.

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