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Sexy Stepdad Dirk


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I final had a chance to sit and watch all four parts of Step Dick from Men.Com and well, even though they had me with Dirk Caber playing the stepdad, it’s pretty damn hot. First off, Drik is a stunning man – and those blue eyes are fucking amazing. Yes, all of Dirk is amazing, but those eyes especially. Now getting the “boys” in on the action too, just made it even hotter. Dalton and Vincent are a perfect pair to go at it with Dirk. Watching the scene when Dirk and Vincent go at it while Dalton is asleep, aside from making me hard, made me want 2 things. Either 1. a friend with a step dad that is hot as Dirk who would come in and fuck me, or 2. To have a step dad hot enough and cool enough to fuck my friends, and then me… but back to the film… so yes, if you haven’t done so already – this one is definitely a must see.

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