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Let’s Do The Time Warp Again…


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Its been a while since FOX released “The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again.” And I’ve had the time to sit and watch it. Now, I’ve had some minor bumps in life recently, and I wanted to go into watching this with no preconceived notions. It was a “turn off the brain and just enjoy it” moment. Well, disappointment hit early on in the movie. But I kept watching.  There were some things I actually liked, and most I didn’t… it just didn’t compare to the original. Once someone told me that it was a tribute, it was a little less disappointing.

I must say – growing up watching Tim Curry as Frank-N-Furter, Laverne Cox had some pretty big shoes to fill, and well I think she did an AMAZING job. The only thing I didn’t like about her entrance is this terrible boom crane thing… but her costume was pretty bad ass.

20161106_223229 20161106_223307 rocky-horror-picture-show-2016 So one of the other good things I discovered was this blue mohawked ginger – I found him strangely hot and wanted to see more more more…

rockyhorror0049 Now for Rocky… Starockyz Nair was a great choice… but the gold lame board shorts… that’s not Rocky. Peter Hinwood had set the bar on that one. But Staz was most definitely a great choice to play the creation.

20161106_223844The costumes for Riff Raff and Magenta at the end, I did enjoy these more than the original costumes… again, the costumes for the tribute were great and brought the film into a new era.rocky-horror-picture-showd42c21b522d90fd1cfe550f7b00da2f5

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The Hairy Tales of Men.Com


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When I first saw this set come up, I had my reservations. But, since Men.Com is pushing a lot of parodies, I had to see what their take on the good ol’ fairy tale was like. Thus, the “Hairy Tale.”

So the first part was their take on Little Red Riding Hood – “Red Rides.” With Luke Adams playing Red, and Kurtis Wolfe as, well… the Wolf. It was a great scene. Luke, not as muscular as Kurtis, but is and will always be hot as hell! And he takes Wolfe’s cock like a champ.

The Second story is “Worship Me.” This one wasn’t my favorite as far as story goes, but lets be real. Who watches porn for a story? Here you have Wesley Woods and Will Braun tailoring an outfit for Arad Winwin. Even though it wasn’t my favorite out of the three, I couldn’t keep myself from getting hard. Again, watching Arad fuck both Will and Wesley is pretty damn hot, and that’s what we’re watching for… big dicks in tight asses.

Now, I must say that the third part was by far my favorite. Colton Grey wanders into the home of, yep… you guessed it, the three bears – Dirk Caber, Marc Giacomo and Derek Bolt. Aside from having a HUGE crush on Dirk Caber, the scene got me hard, instantly.

Although I don’t think it was officially billed as a parody, I must say kudos to Men.Com for coming up with their twist on the fairy tale.

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