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You’d Think Pro Athletes Would Know Better Than To Shoot Their Own Sex Tapes…


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Scottish footballer Paul Slane naked and photographing himself fucking… someone. Pics got leaked by Ruggerbugger, of course. Not sure how they manage to get all those pictures, but they do.

The story is that it’s a woman he’s fucking… hard to tell from those pictures, what do you all think?

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Naked, drunken rugby players making out in public. And it’s not a porn video.


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Rugby Generation Xcess Part 2 by OmaKrista19311

IF you’re looking for it, the first dick makes an appearance at about 4:30.

OK, that’s it. When I die, I wanna come back as a British rugby player.

Check out RuggerBugger for more videos like this one. WOW… Holy… fucking.. Fuck.

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FUCK the Censors… HERE is the un-blurred George Burgess picture. Nice Dick.


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Australian National Rugby League Player George Burges has gotten himself into more trouble..

George was cleared of any “willful damage” after an “incident” in Cairns where he thew a street sign through the window of a car. Charges were dropped after he settled the matter with the car owner. And by that, I’m guessing he agreed to send the car owner a picture of his wiener, who then posted it on Twitter.

And a nice, big dick it is, too. And a SWEEEET amount of foreskin…  I notice these things.

What IS it with Rugby players that they can’t keep their pants on?



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Because We Love Naked Gay Rugby Players


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The Lowlanders are a gay rugby club from Amsterdam. And since we’re fans of Rugby Players here, we figured a gay team was RIGHT up our alley.

This the promo video for the making of their 2014 calendar, proceeds from the sale of which will finance their trip to Sydney to play in the Bingham Cup 27-31 August 2014.

If you wanna have a wank to some naked Rugby players, you can see our MANY posts about them.


But then help these hotties out… go to

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Nude pics of English Boxer Luke Campbell


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Ruggerbugger has nude photos of hot English boxer Luke Campbell. He’s adorable, really. It’s hard to picture Luke Campbell as a boxer.

But here he is for the cover of Gay Times.  No, really.

Check out more after the jump…
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British Boxer Don Broadhurst drops his pants…


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broadhurst05Ruggerbugger have pictures of 29 year-old British boxer Don Broadhurst naked at a weigh in.

Remember that scene in Vision Quest where they hunky young wrestler takes off his shorts and weighs himself naked to hit his weight goal? Other than a then-not-that-famous Madonna playing a singer in a bar (for no reason at all other than to include two songs on the soundtrack) it’s the only part of the movie that anyone really remembered.

We’re big fans of when sports stars drop their pants here, so when we heard about this… well, Ruggerbugger is only a click away, right?

What is it about athletes that they can’t keep their fucking pants on?

Check out the gallery after the jump or head over to see the whole collection at Ruggerbugger.

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British Rugby Player George Burgess Leaked Cock Shots


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Ruggerbugger released photos of English rugby league player George Burgess exposed uncut cock. Because  rugby players love to get naked.

Rugby Players love to get naked and show us their cocks.


Ruggerbugger has the whole set of pictures…

burgess11Check out the gallery after the jump..

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French Pro-Soccer Star Jessy Moulin Nude Pics Leak…


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moulin03Maybe it’s just me, but he looks just a bit like Adam Russo.

What with the leaked pictures of Price Andrew taking a leak, Prince Harry dancing naked, leaked pictures of George Burgess showing the goods on Twitter and the Naked Rugby players showing off, we’re getting dangerously close to becoming more of a Naked Celebrity Repository.

Hey, I’m not complaining. At all.

Seeing naked sports stars, even when it’s these blurry, locker room news video screen caps and cell phone selfies.

Today we’ve got Jessy Moulin, French soccer star.

He’s minding his own business and changing in the locker room when the camera catches his rather impressive dick swinging in the breeze.

OR, I guess, it’s not breeze so much as a room full of that thick, humid manfunk that men’s locker rooms smell like.

Ah… manfunk.

Check out more over at Ruggerbugger where they always seem to manage to get the pictures of the naked sports stars.


More pictures after the jump…

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